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Little Pony Ice Cream 2


Little Pony Ice Cream 2 future for the people and they need to make delicious ice cream. ice cream, which you have to work this time has its cafe. Probably they live pretty little ponies and unicorns Ponyvill, I know the town. choice in front of the ice cream, ice cream and scented scene should be added in large quantities for a number of different types, different cup. For a start, the passion for ice cream poordinarne to customers, this order can be executed first. You need to earn money by selling homemade ice cream in their coffee. He performs himself as a businessman. Pick up cash is left on the counter. Twilight Sparkle, calvados and Flttershy your ice cream shop was ordered to come to their own special ice cream. Do you accept this challenge? Choose your favorite pony and make her ice cream before. When you are finished, choose another pony and then the last. the most beautiful small pony with a frozen let summer! Have fun!

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